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February 20, 2023

Fishermen’s News report on technological innovation includes WireCo’s work in commercial fish farming

Fishermen’s News recently published an in-depth feature on innovative equipment being used in fishing and aquaculture, including unique products WireCo supplies to commercial fish farming operations. This expanding industry continues moving into deep waters, subjecting wire and synthetic ropes to interactions with more capable predators and stronger ocean currents.

“We can’t stop innovating,” WireCo Global Director of Fishing Miguel Sá told the publication. “Neither our customers nor the ocean will allow us to fall behind.”

“It’s been a challenge from the very beginning,” he added. “Our team is continually focused on driving innovation and sustainable solutions to address issues that have been plaguing the industry for years.”

The full article, which includes info on WireCo’s EuroStone and EuroLine Tipto products, can be read here.

Founded in 1945, Fishermen’s News is the oldest commercial fishing publication on the Pacific Coast and serves the commercial fishing industry with a focus on fisheries and gear.

About WireCo 

WireCo markets value-added products under several brands that are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers worldwide.

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