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April 10, 2023

POWER publishes article from WireCo’s Lobo on potential, challenges for wire rope technology in offshore wind energy structures

WireCo Global Synthetics Director of Marketing & Strategy Pedro Lobo recently authored an article for POWER publications taking an in-depth look at how advancements in wire rope technology continue to push forward the potential for offshore wind energy developments. He looked at path to wider adoption, which includes increased efficiency and locations further offshore. Both include the need to address design, construction and maintenance challenges.

“Offshore wind energy indeed holds great promise. But there is still much to figure out,” Lobo wrote. “Even as companies continue to address myriad challenges as wind energy moves to progressively deeper waters, they are still dealing with an inherently inconsistent and unpredictable energy source — wind.”

“Still, anything that can be done to reduce both the complexity and cost to harvest a greater portion of the planet’s wind energy carries great potential benefit, both environmentally and financially,” he added.

The full article can be read here.

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