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May 3, 2023

WireCo CEO Keith White answers in-depth questions on investment in ‘Made in the USA’ high-performance crane rope production

Wire Rope Exchange recently published an exclusive Q&A with WireCo CEO Keith White on the ‘Made in the USA’ high-performance crane ropes initiative, the culmination of about $30 million in investment to the production facility in Sedalia, Missouri. Customers can now purchase domestically produced CASAR and Oliveira brand ropes, improving availability and delivery fulfillment to customers in North America.

“This investment came down to listening to WireCo’s customers and proactively investing in the infrastructure change coming to the United States,” White told the publication in part. “We are investing to grow with the market, and the market is expanding most in the U.S. WireCo recognizes the pending long-term investment in infrastructure, and almost all of the associated priority projects require cranes and therefore durable, dependable crane ropes. We are now positioned to satisfy customer and market demand.”

White also discussed specific feedback from leaders in the crane rope market and background on the facility in Sedalia. The full article can be read here.

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About WireCo 

WireCo markets value-added products under several brands that are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers worldwide.

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