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January 9, 2023

WireCo CEO White authors article on the company ‘Seizing the infrastructure opportunity’

WireCo CEO Keith White recently authored an article for International Cranes and Specialized Transport on the company’s decision to make a $25 million investment in the existing production facility in Sedalia, Missouri. As part of a larger strategic plan, this positions WireCo to better serve customers ahead of a surge in spending related to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“To play a meaningful role in the [revitalization] of the country’s infrastructure, WireCo must be an enabler to its customers’ success,” White wrote. “No amount of premium crane rope WireCo may produce will yield a single foot of new road or bridge without first being installed on a crane. The owners and operators of those cranes cannot be made to wait an unreasonable period of time for the components they need to do their jobs.”

The full article, entitled “Seizing the infrastructure opportunity,” can be read here.

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About WireCo 

WireCo markets value-added products under several brands that are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers worldwide.

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