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November 15, 2022

WireCo’s Schmeiss provides valuable insight into potential of fiber rope to replace steel rope with American Cranes & Transport

American Cranes & Transport interviewed Andreas Schmeiss, WireCo Senior Vice President for Global Cranes, for a recently published feature article looking at the advantages and disadvantages of fiber rope application as an alternative to more traditional steel products. He provided in-depth industry insight on practical current uses for synthetics in crane and winch systems, while also looking at the reality of the current market.

“In some cases, steel is the clear winner. In other cases, fiber,” Schmeiss told the reporter. “Advanced coatings might one day tip the balance in favor of synthetics, but, for now, it would be difficult to imagine that fiber rope would fully displace steel any time soon.”

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About WireCo 

WireCo markets value-added products under several brands that are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers worldwide.

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