Global Brands

With a global manufacturing and distribution base, you can expect a consistent, responsive supply no matter where or when you need it. In addition to meeting our high supply standards, we make it our mission to positively impact the communities where we live and work through philanthropy and sustainability initiatives.


Casar manufactures specialty wire rope and hoisting cables, distinguished by their advanced engineering, innovation and technology. Casar products are engineered in Germany and offer superior performance for mission-critical lifting applications in construction, industrial, OEM and underground mining markets.

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Oliveira produces high-performance steel wire ropes and synthetic rope and netting products that serve fishing, maritime and lifting markets. Oliveira ropes are trustworthy and provide excellent value while setting industry standards.

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Union products are designed especially for industrial, heavy industrial and construction industries. Union produces wire rope and assemblies that deliver exceptional service and unmatched support worldwide. Union also offers a full line that provides a balance of wire rope characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, crush resistance, fatigue resistance, strength, bendability and stability.

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Camesa specializes in high-quality electromechanical cable for the oil and gas market, as well as wire rope for almost any application. Camesa high carbon wire products are used in a variety of industries, and Camesa prestressed concrete strand is used throughout the western hemisphere for buildings and bridges.

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Over 200 years, Lankhorst has developed modern production techniques and innovative solutions for specific applications in the maritime, offshore, heavy-lifting and engineered products industries.

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Euronete is the world’s leading supplier of fishing nets, wire and fiber ropes and related fishing gear, producing a broad range of product categories, including netting, ropes, twines, steel wire ropes, buoys and floats and hardware.

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