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Constant innovation to meet market needs

A world leader in the production and distribution of quality netting, steel wire and fiber ropes.

We offer customers a single, reliable source for solutions that fit their applications and budget. At Euronete, we back up everything we do with expertise.

Euronete operates in five units: Maia (Head Office), Viana do Castelo, Boticas, Le Guilvinec (France) and Goa (India), and has seven distribution branches located in different areas around the world:

  • Ymuiden Stores Holland / Anza in Ijmuiden, Netherlands
  • Euronete Scandinavia in Fredericia, Denmark
  • Euronete UK in Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Euro Fishing Gear in New Bedford, USA, with stocks in Seattle
  • Euronete Sudamericana in Montevideo, Uruguay, with a branch in Chile
  • Lankhorst Euronete Australia in Brisbane, Australia
  • Lankhorst Euronete India in Goa, India

With this unique position in worldwide markets, Euronete can provide fast and efficient service to customers worldwide.

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  • Ropes

  • Steel Wire Ropes

  • Combination Ropes