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August 30, 2022

WireCo introduces Union Gladiator pendants for improved mining operations, significantly increasing service life for shovels and draglines.

WireCo leads the way in pioneering solutions for the mining industry, providing access to the world’s scarce resources.

KANSAS CITY, MO. (August 29, 2022) — WireCo, the world’s leading manufacturer of mission-critical wire rope, synthetic rope and netting, and electromechanical cable, announced today the launch of its new line of Union Gladiator pendants, designed to improve service life of shovels and draglines by 3-4 times over traditional technologies.

WireCo’s Union brand is well known for delivering exceptional rope quality and outstanding performance. The Gladiator pendants are made with synthetic fibers, which significantly increase the service life by absorbing loads and reducing vibration.

“I am excited to participate in the release of this ground breaking product that is a testament to our organization’s strength in both the surface mining application and synthetic rope capabilities. Gladiator is a true technology step change for our customers who are looking to lower HS&E risks while also improving operating costs of their mining fleets, Dustin Dunning, Senior Vice President – Global Energy & Mining, says.

Surface mining is among the most punishing environments for ropes and boom pendants on the planet. To transmit raw power into cubic yards moved, the entire rope system must be rugged and reliable. For decades, customers have come to rely on steel pendants to consistently deliver outstanding performance. Gladiator pendants solve these challenges with innovative design.

“Compared to conventional steel pendants, Gladiator’s synthetic Aramid fibers act like a shock absorber during digging operations reducing fatigue related issues for both the shovel equipment and those operating them,” Dustin Dunning, Senior Vice President – Global Energy & Mining, says. “As surface mining continues to take the lead in meeting the world’s current and future energy needs, the Gladiator synthetic boom pendant is just another example of how WireCo is leading the rope industry through novel innovation and forward thinking products.”

WireCo is introducing a full line of Union Synthetic Mining Rope Solutions, including GLADIATOR CABLETM Main Boom Synthetic Pendants and ARA-Boom Aramid Fiber Mid-Boom Synthetic Pendants, which significantly increase the service life for shovels and draglines by absorbing loads and reducing vibration.

WireCo’s new GLADIATOR CABLE Main Boom Pendants include more than just ordinary sockets and rope fibers. Key elements of the new product lines include:

New Patent Pending Union Uni-HatchTM Inspection PortTool-less inspectability – opens without the need for tools during routine inspections and features the socket measurement device embedded in the socket.

Eco-Friendly: The pendant ropes used in the Union Synthetic Mining Rope Solutions are fully recyclable. The Aramid fibers can be re-used in various applications such as in the production of car and truck tires.

Extended Use Translates to Decreased Downtime:  Gladiator Ropes offer 3-4 times the service life of wire rope or strand.

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