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February 6, 2023

WireCo’s Chandler provides insight to Wire Rope Exchange on the updated wire rope technology used for ‘floating bridges’

WireCo Senior Vice President of Channel Management Blake Chandler recently authored a cover story for Wire Rope Exchange magazine on the technology — past and present — related to “floating” bridges. He focuses on the unique needs for mooring lines in these projects and how the company continues to ease the burden on costly maintenance and wire rope replacement needs.

Recently, WireCo supplied product the Washington State Department of Transportation used to complete upgrades to the systems in place for the Interstate 90 floating bridge.

“WireCo has supplied the anchor cables for the last three rounds of planned maintenance on the bridge, including the sockets that connect the cables to anchors at the bottom of Lake Washington,” Chandler explained. “The cables are constructed of pre-stretched, interwoven steel-wire strands, strong enough to support the weight of a Boeing 747.”

“These are highly engineered components that are built and behave more like machines than static objects,” WireCo principal engineer Tim Klein said in the article to describe the anchor cables. “And we design them to readily meet or exceed the requirements laid out in the state’s design specs.”

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