Join WireCo — a global leader in wire rope, synthetic rope, wire, synthetic yarns, electromechanical cable and engineered products.

At WireCo, we know that our success depends on people. We value the fine people who work for us as much as the fine people who buy from us. Together, they make all things possible.

Thanks to our great employees and leadership, WireCo has an impressive history of growth and opportunity.

Our professionals enjoy the opportunities of a global manufacturing and distribution leader AND a culture of open communication, professional growth, and friendly camaraderie that fosters innovation and problem solving.

At WireCo, you’ll be able to:

  • Be part of one of the world’s most technically savvy industrial manufacturers
  • Work in modern factories known for exceptional safety records
  • Join a dynamic, growing company with true global reach
  • Serve a wide variety of industries and clients worldwide
  • Grow as a professional
  • Be part of a team known for high-quality results and fast-paced growth

With nearly 4,000 employees worldwide, WireCo is a great place for you to build a rewarding career.

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